Diploma In Mass Media And Communication

Unlock your creative potential in Mass Media and Communication, where you'll acquire versatile skills in journalism, advertising, PR, and more, opening doors to a world of endless communication possibilities.


  • Overview of Mass Media and Communication
  • Introduction to Journalism
  • Advertising and Public Relations
  • Media Production and Editing
  • Digital Media and Social Media
  • Communication Theories
  • News Reporting and Writing
  • Media Ethics and Law
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
    • Overview of Mass Media and Communication
      Role and Impact of Mass Media
      Media Ethics and Regulations
      Understanding Communication Theories

    • Introduction to Journalism
      News Reporting and Writing
      Journalistic Ethics and Standards
      Interviewing and Research Skills
      News Editing and Verification

  • Principles of Advertising
    Creative Advertising Techniques
    Media Planning and Buying
    Public Relations Strategies
    Introduction to Media Production
    Video and Audio Editing Techniques
    Scriptwriting and Storytelling
    Production Planning and Management

  • Emerging Trends in Digital Media
    Social Media Management
    Content Creation and Marketing
    Online Audience Engagement

  • Communication Theories
    Mass Communication Theories
    Effects of Media on Society
    Interpersonal and Group Communication
    Media Ethics and Law
    Media and Intellectual Property Rights
    Freedom of Expression and Press Freedom
    Privacy and Media Responsibility

  • Introduction to Broadcast Journalism
    TV and Radio News Production
    Interviewing Techniques for Broadcast
    News Anchoring and Reporting
    Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
    Effective Public Speaking Techniques
    Presentation Design and Delivery
    Building Confidence and Overcoming Stage Fright
    Nonverbal Communication and Body Language


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