Diploma In Android Development

Become a versatile developer With learning Android Development, where you'll gain expertise in App Development and other technologies, opening doors to endless opportunities.


  • Overview of Android Development
  • Introduction to HTML
  • CSS Styling for Mobile Apps
  • JavaScript Programming for Mobile Apps
  • Building User Interfaces with XML
  • Android UI Design and Layouts
  • Working with Activities and Fragments
  • Data Storage and Persistence in Android
  • Networking and Web Services
  • Handling User Input and Events
    • Introduction to Android and its features
      Android development tools and environment setup
      Understanding the Android app architecture
      Exploring the Android development ecosystem

    • Basics of HTML and its role in mobile app development
      HTML tags, attributes, and elements
      Structuring content with headings, paragraphs, and lists
      Adding images and links in HTML

  • Introduction to CSS and its role in mobile app styling
    CSS selectors, properties, and values
    Styling text, colors, backgrounds, and borders
    Creating layouts with CSS box model and positioning

  • Introduction to JavaScript and its role in mobile app development
    Working with variables, data types, and operators
    Manipulating the DOM with JavaScript
    Handling user events and input


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